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Fair construction from A to Z, Showtrucks, lighting-technology, Model construction, 3D printing, laser-technology
What we do?

Fair construction

from A to Z

This statement is often used, however, we know for more than 25 years, how to make such a statement. We do not offer only planning, design, production and delivery, fair construction from A to Z goes far beyond that.

We calculate light conditions, develop mobile fair concepts, displays and we advise you side by side to offer your consumers the perfect product.

Remember: The first impression counts.

If it is to be better, choose ADCON

Model construction

Detailed and innovative

Whether architectural model or chart, we manufacture all models of the highest quality – true to scale and with a high level of detail.

For this reason, ADCON produces all components with the latest laser- and printing technology.

With ADCON your product is perfectly put into scene.

3D printing

Designed to be flexible and efficient

A few years ago unimaginable, now it is possible to produce your own prototype in no time.

Using our 3D printing technology, we are able to produce complex shapes within short time.

Even complex mechanical procedures or rubberized items can be printed out of one piece and with a precision of 0,018mm.

3D-Druck XXL

gigantic 3D printing at the speed of light

Dip into a world of unlimited dimensions. Using our XXL 3D printer, it is possible to realise objects within short time – extremely realistic, super fast, and in a dimension of 1800x1500x1200mm.

Using the latest print materials, we guarantee very robust, lightweight and durable surfaces.

Think BIG!

We open up new dimenions in 3D pinting.


From scribble to rendering

Do you have explicit conceptions? Than, with ADCON, you can see into the future.

From a simple sketch to a photorealistic rendering of a 3D model -

ADCON visualizes your object already in the early stages of development.

So it is possible to test different materials, colours and lightning conditions before the final product has been finished

Nasty surprises? – Not with ADCON.


Refreshingly different

Breathe life into your products.

Watching complexly three-dimensional animated films without any glasses? With ADCON you can put your products perfectly into scene.

A glass that is being filled? A light bulb that cracks into 1000 parts? Magic?

No – With ADCON, the amazement of your costumers is guaranteed.

Why us?


es|tab|lished = traditional, consistent

For more than 25 years, we do the right things.

The quintessence of our success: reliability.

Reliability through quality, constant optimization of our work and adaption of the latest trends and technologies.

Our success proves us right.


in|no|va|tive = inventive, imaginative, original, creative

What is innovation?
How to describe innovation?

Innovation has become a buzzword, but we live innovation. How?

We do not only change the color, shape and functionality. Real innovation means to us always being our competitors one step ahead. Thus, innovation is the most difficult form of creativity, imagination and experience. Innovation is our driving force



Ac|cur|ate = exact, plain, clear

An accurate imagination facilitates the planning and is the first step towards success. In cooperation with our customers, we develop the projects and formulate the ideas in every detail.

Constantly, we expand our production processes by innovative techniques e.g. 3D printing technology, vacuum press, laser, CNC turning- and milling technology for more accurate working. Furthermore, we offer additional services in the areas of logistics, lightning technology and catering.





ef|fi|cient = effective, economic

“Doing things right” – We live these words. Under consideration of an economical use of our resources, our ultimate goal is to create the optimal result for our customers.



cer|tain = sure, doubtless

Preparation stress? Sleepless nights? No time for essential core tasks?

This won’t happen with us.

Concentrate on your core tasks. The organisation and performance of your project is up to us. With our professionalism your success is guaranteed.

On time

on | time = meet the deadline, punctual, just in time

Play it safe!

We promise punctuality and reliability. We provide our customers with our internal trucks at the right time, at the right place, with the right product in the right quality.

ADCON, your reliable partner.



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